Universal Time

"All measurable intervals are time-intervals."

"Length and Space are artefacts of the human mind."

"Universal Time", originally called "The Dimensionality of Time", was Bemard Newsam's contribution to current thinking on the nature of time and space. He bequeathed us, his family, the task of launching this idea into the world of thought, ideally with his name on it. This is our attempt to fulfil that task.

Introduction — Overview and background by Julia Newsam
Universal Time — This is the document that Bernard circulated in March 1994. It includes his take on Einstein's correction factor, with diagrams.
Universal Time - Last word — This signed and dated statement was his "last word" on the subject written in November 1994. He died after a stroke a little more than a month after writing this.
Biography — A brief description of Bernard's life and work.
Bernard's papers — A complete set of his writings on the subject that he considered finished enough during his lifetime to let other people read.
Miscellaneous documents — Various documents that are referenced elsewhere on this website and others that may be of interest.
Downloads — All Universal Time documents downloadable as MS Word files or as .jpg scans of the original manuscripts.

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