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Synopsis for Book

(i) The problems associated with breaking through the conviction that all way-out ideas are like "Perpetual Motion".

(ii) Using Ptolemy and Copernicus to demonstrate that fitting the facts is not an overriding criterion in favour of a theory.

(iii) Modern measurements are, in fact, made with Oscillators and Lasers; there is much talk of measuring-rods, but none are used except perhaps by children at school.

(iv) Space-time axes are not orthodox Cartesian Coordinates; the zero for the time axis is usually chosen on a historic time-scale, so that the spatial world moves forward in time into the future. The time-lapse element is effectually inserted by intuition. They would be more Cartesian if the origin of the time axis were "now", with "ago" and "into the future" as - and +.

(v) The human display-system, or Consciousness.

(vi) Colour, in the head; neither in the light, nor in the dye; both differentiate between wavelengths (frequencies). Colour has not arisen at this stage. Only a minute band in the many many decades of electromagnetic radiation initiates this particular response in the human brain.

(vii) If colour is accepted as an artefact, it is easier to accept length as an artefact.

(viii) Length needed to be devised because of the limitations of living cells as transducers.

(ix) Ptolemy/Einstein, Copernicus/------- ?

(x) Universal Time.

(xi) Einstein’s Train/Embankment.

(xii) Universal Time’s Train/Embankment.

(xiii) Time-lapse Diagram. (Mini Time-lapse -- )

(xiv) Skewness of Simultaneity-axes.

(xv) Time-frame conversion Diagram.

(xvi) Second Lorentz Solution.

(xvii) No problems with measuring-rods ------, no measuring-rods!

(xviii) All clocks keep good time.

(xix) Wide-ranging impact of simultaneity, (Photo-finish horse).

(xx) Is time-lapse, at least in part, an additional feature of the three familiar orthogonal axes?

(xxi) Comparing the historical implications of the event of firing a flash-gun, with the electromagnetic outcome. (Lapse of Time = Velocity of light)?

(xxii) Far Space a region of permanent skewness relative to us, due to Red-shift.

(xxiii) Implications.